Proper Breathing Stimulates the Brain and Improves Intelligence

Breathing is a vital process, as no living creature can survive without air. Humans need air too and the amount of oxygen they get influences the state in which the organism is. If the amount and quantity of air that reaches the lungs, and from there inside each and every organ and tissue,is low, than the body will not function at its normal rate. The overall state is bad and the individual starts having health problems. In contrast, if the body gets enough oxygen to preform is daily activities, it will function properly all day long.

Believe it or not, breathing has great importance when it comes to the way in which the brain works. In order to work properly, the brain needs oxygen, just like all the other organs. When it does not get enough, the brain fails to do its activities well, thus stopping any further evolution of one’s intelligence. So, if the breathing process is not done correctly, there is no chance of ever increasing the IQ.

Few people know that there is a correct way in which they should breath, and this means standing with your back straight and eliminate as much as possible the obstacles which may prevent the air flow from getting inside the body. Also, it is highly important that both the inhalation and exhalation are deep. Only this way will the necessary quantity of oxygen enter the body and get inside the lungs, while the carbon dioxide will be efficiently exhaled. Superficial breathing, as well as breathing an air of low quality will not ensure the amount quantity of air, thus leading to bad activity of the body and the impossibility of acquiring new information. A stop in the evolution of the brain is produced and only when the brain will receive enough oxygen will it be able to start functioning properly again.

There are multiple factors which can influence breathing, such as stress, body posture, pollution and smoking. These factors should be, as much as possible, neutralized and a proper breathing should be exercised before starting to train the brain. Only this way will a program of increasing the IQ will be efficient and give positive results in a short period of time.

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Is Physical Exercise Going to Help You Increase Your IQ?

The machinery called human body is quite a complex one which, even though made up of several smaller parts, is capable of only working as a whole. Thus the good functioning of all its ensembles determines the good working of the whole, while the damaging of only one piece can ruin the way in which the entire body is functioning. One of the most important pieces of the puzzle named human body is the brain. It controls each activity the human body makes throughout the day and helps the individual perceive and understand the outside world.

Because of its great importance, keeping the brain in good shape has to be one of the individual’s top priorities. Even though it may seem that the humans cannot exercise any kind of action on their brain, the truth is quite different: humans have the power to increase and decrease their intelligence through special training. And when we are talking about special training we do not necessary refer to some scientific program of increasing the IQ, but rather about common things which can be changed in our daily life in order to make the brain function properly and expand its capacities.

One of the easiest ways of increasing one’s intellectual abilities is to start making physical exercises on a regular basis. This type of exercises will not only increase the muscular mass and give further resistance to the body, but it will also positively influence the way in which the brain works. No more than 20 or 30 minutes of physical movement each and every day will ensure that the brain receives the amount of oxygen it needs in order to function properly, will free the individual of the stress accumulated during the day and will keep anxiety and depression to minimum values, thus allowing the rain to focus on more important things, such as problem solving and accumulation of new information.

However, in order to obtain great results and make your brain function more alertly, it is highly important that the program of exercises should be accessible and relatively easy at the beginning and only afterwards increase its difficulty. If the program is too difficult, frustration will appear, which will negatively affect the brain and will further stop the accumulation of information.

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Is It True That Reading Can Make Your Brain Work Better and Faster?

When it comes to the way in which the brain functions, people have made up many stories. Some myths even contradict each other, giving people the impression that indeed the brain is one of the most mysterious organs from the human body. The most intriguing thing for most persons is how that there are people who have increased IQ, while others are only capable of learning a limited number of things.

A very good explanation for the above mentioned dilemma is the fact that there are people who use their brain very much and thus force it to continuously develop and there are others which do not put their brain to work, thus having limited intellectual capacity. Just like a muscle, the more you use the brain, the better it becomes. Thus, the amount of time studying counts very much in the further development of the human brain. What is even more interesting is that, unlike muscles, which tend to get weaker as you grow old, the brain can function very well and acquire information even at older ages.

Reading is one of the processes which deeply stimulates the brain. This is mainly because when reading, the brain is constantly put in front of new, and sometimes unexpected, situations to which it has to get used rapidly. Also, there are many connections which need to be made in order to understand a book and its message and most of the times previous knowledge about the world is necessary to decipher the hidden meanings of the book and its symbols, if there are any. Thus, several parts of the brain are used in order to process the message correctly, fact which enables it to train and further expand its abilities.

Thus, those who want to increase their IQ should start reading more. It is highly important that the brain should always have something to do and never waste any of the time which can be used for training. The more you put your brain to work, the better it will function and the more rapidly will acquire any type of information.

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Ingredients Which Can Help You Improve Your Intelligence

It is very well known that the food we ingest has a great influence upon the way our body functions. Also, it is common knowledge that each and every organ needs special ingredients in order to work properly and the brain makes no exception. Thus, there are some foods which can make your brain work faster and better and speed up the process of learning. If consumed on a regular basis, these ingredients can be of great help for those who want to increase their IQ in a simple and natural manner.

One of the fruits which have a great effect on human brain is avocado. It contains mono-saturated fats, which are good for the organism as they improve blood circulation. Better blood circulation means more oxygen brought to the brain, which results in its better functioning. If you want to start your day with a meal that will ensure you energy for the entire day, eat an avocado with scrambled eggs for breakfast and you will be active all day long.

Nuts and seeds are other sources of energy and good fats which make your brain function properly. Replace salad dressings with seeds and fast food snacks with nuts and not only will you protect your health from the invasion of harmful chemicals, but will also boost your intelligence and increase your intellectual capacities in a natural way. Yet, stay away from those nuts which contain sweeteners or any kind of artificial flavors, as those are as harmful for your health and brain as much as fast food is.

Another great food for the brain is fish. You can eat tuna or wild salmon for increased memory, but also for reduced stress and anxiety. Both tuna and fish contain high amounts of Omega-3 which are highly beneficial for the brain. In addition to that, B6 vitamin and other beneficial nutrients are contained by fish, so eat as much fish as you can in order to boost you intelligence.

In order to have a brain which functions great day after day, to keep the stress and the mental illnesses away and increase your IQ, include the above mentioned ingredients in your diet. You will eat healthy and improve your intellectual abilities at the same time.

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Improve Your IQ –Factors Which Negatively Affect Your Brain

Having a big IQ is one of most people’s goals, as this improves the chances of getting a good job and of obtaining social recognition. There are many ways in which one can improve its intelligence quotient, but these ways are equal to zero if those activities which negatively affect the human brain are not totally eliminated.

One of the main factors which make the human brain work slowly and accumulate less information in a longer period of time is smoking. Even though it seems that brain and smoking seem to have almost no connection, appearances are not correct in this case. In fact, smoking damages greatly the human brain as it deprives is of the so much needed oxygen. Because the brain cannot function properly when it lacks the right amount of oxygen, smokers encounter serious problems when trying to acquire new information.

Another factor which deeply influences the brain’s work and development is alcohol. The alcoholic drinks may cause temporary damages of the nervous cells which form the brain, fact which results in a lower capacity of acquiring new information. When the quantity of alcohol ingested is larger and on a daily basis, than the brain damage gets even more severe and can become permanent. This not only stops the increasing of IQ, but also lowers the existing one.

Stress, lack of adequate rest and very little physical activity are other factors which significantly affect your brain’s activity. Thus, you should try to relax each and every day and put an end to all your useless worries. Also, trying to get enough rest by getting at least 8 hours of qualitative sleep can significantly help your brain function properly. Remember that relaxation and a healthy lifestyle are the first steps towards efficiently increasing your IQ.

So, if you are smoking on a daily basis, serve alcoholic drinks in large quantities and do not get enough sleep, there is no way in which you can improve your IQ. Thus, in order to increase your intelligence, you should give up smoking and drinking and start a new life, by adopting a healthy lifestyle. The results will be seen both on the way you look and on the way you think.

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How Does Swimming Work on Your Brain?

Many people are looking for means by which they can improve the way in which their brain works. It is true that there are many ways through which individuals can improve their IQ, but there is one which is simple, fun and cost-free: physical movement. Yes, by doing sport regularly not only you improve your appearance and keep illnesses away, but you also increase your intelligence.

Swimming, just like any other sport, is highly beneficial for the entire human body. It helps the individual strengthen their muscles, free their mind of the problems which are troubling them, as well as of stress, improve the blood circulation and detoxify the body. Also, while swimming, new connections between neurons are developed. These connections are responsible for an improved memory and a better functioning of the brain. The more connections are built between neurons, the more things you will learn and use during the time. So, an increased IQ, which is what each and every person wants, is almost dependable on physical movement in general and swimming in particular. In addition to obtaining these benefits, the individual also entertain themselves, as swimming is probably one of the most fun sports one can practice.

Because it is practiced in water, swimming is not as tiring activity like all the other sports. There are people who say that they can swim for hours without feeling any tiredness, something which cannot be said for other types of sports. Also, there are many styles of swimming which can be practiced, which significantly decreases that stare of boredom which many people experience when they are doing the same thing over and over again. Each one of the swimming styles has the same effects on your brain, so those who choose swimming as their preferred physical activity will enjoy the benefits of swimming regardless of the style they choose to practice.

Just like any other activity, in order for swimming to be effective, each individual must start practicing it in its own rhythm and gradually increase the amount of time spent swimming and the speed at which it practices it. Forcing the body into doing more exercise than is capable results in frustration and tiredness and will not help the brain develop in any way.

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How Can Diet Increase Your IQ

You probably know that what you eat does not only influence the amount of energy you get or how much fat do you acquire on your body. What you eat has also severe consequences on your health status, on the way in which your skin looks like and last, but not least, on the way in which your brain functions. The influence of your diet upon health, skin and overall look has been extensively discussed in many types of articles and papers. Yet, few people know what damaging effects a wrong diet can have upon their brain. This is what we are going to talk about in this article.

The brain, just like any other organ, needs nourishing substances which can give it the amount of energy and nutrients needed in order to function properly. Thus, foods containing antioxidants, Omega-3 fats and fibers should be included in your daily meals in order for the brain to function normally. Once you start introducing this type of foods in your regular diet, your brain will start working better, will handle more information and will be able to better resist in stress conditions. Also, the intellectual capacity will increase significantly, thus improving the memory.

On the other hand, the brain cannot function properly in presence of harmful chemicals. Some chemicals are ingested from air and there is nothing we can do about it. Maybe just take a vacation and isolate in a pollution-free area for a couple of days, for detox. Yet, there are also a lot of chemical substances people ingest from different types of food, such as chips and fast-food or drinks, like sodas or drinks containing chemical colorants. These ingredients not only stop the improving of one’s IQ, but they have a significant contribution in lowering the intellectual capacities. Thus, in plain words, if you eat and drink such aliments not only will your brain not be capable of making further progresses, but it will also lose its current abilities.

So, if you are thinking about increasing your IQ you should consider adopting a healthy diet, with lots of fruits, fresh vegetables and fat-free products. This is the only way through which you will be able to enhance your intellectual quotient.

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Good Rest Can Help You Improve Your IQ

Sleep along with air water and food, is one of the vital constituent of life, an ingredient without which no living creature can survive. The humans are also affected by the amount and quantity of sleep they get. Generally, an eight hour period of deep sleep per night is enough for the human body to function properly. Receiving less amount or lower quality of sleep can seriously affect the way in which the body acts and can result in a poor state during the day, and eventually to serious conditions which can irreversibly damage one’s health.

Yet, not only the body has to suffer from sleep deprivation. Whether we are talking about acute sleep deprivation (lack of appropriate amount and quantity of sleep for a short period of time) or chronic sleep deprivation (long-term lack of sleep), its effects upon human brain are serious and should be seriously considered.

Mental illnesses, such as psychosis and bipolar disorders are thought to have as main factor sleep deprivation. This is why, if you want your brain to function properly and increase its capacity of accumulating new information, as well as expanding its ability to solve more difficult problems, you should start giving sleep more attention. Thus, it is highly important that you sleep around eight hours every night. This is an approximate period, as there are people who feel relaxed after sleeping only seven hours every night, while other people require nine hours to feel fresh and ready for a new day.

Also, it is necessary to take into consideration the quality of sleep you get. An agitated sleep, with alternative periods of being wake and sleeping will not going to offer you the necessary relaxation. For this reasons, if you are not sleeping well, you should see its cause (the bed, the way in which your room is positioned or excessive worries) and try to solve them. Only this way will you be able to have a good night sleep and offer your brain the necessary rest, without which it cannot function properly, let alone increase its IQ.

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Free Yourself from Stress and Improve Your Intelligence Faster

Stress is something most people have got used with. Is that sensation which prevents you to relax and forget about your problems, the feeling you get when you are under pressure and feel like you can no longer cope with all the tasks you are given and with all the problems you have to face. Stress is that sensation which does not let you eat or sleep or allows you to fully enjoy the minutes spent with your dear ones.

The majority of the world population suffers from this “disease” called stress. Most of them, as mentioned previously, have got used with it. Yet, this does not mean that they are not affected by the harmful effects of stress, such as loss of appetite, sleep disorders, weight loss, as well as different sores and paints. One of the organs which are most affected by stress is the brain. Feelings of anxiety, nervousness, memory problems, focusing problems and panic attacks are only few of the mental conditions which can result when the brain has too face periods which too much pressure and stress.

In addition to that, the increase of intelligence is practically impossible when it is under the harmful effects of stress. The reasons are multiple and quite easy to understand. First, losing your power of focusing and your patience you no longer have any chance of learning anything, thus you no longer train your brain, fact which results in failing to acquire new information and even start to lose some of the information you already got. Secondly, stress affects your capacity of resting and when your brain is tired, it refuses to collaborate. Thus, any intellectual activity is stopped, preventing your brain from increasing its abilities. Last, but not least, the eating disorders and lack of sleep which are effects of stress have a significant contribution in stopping any mental activity and intellectual expansion.

Thus, if you are thinking of increasing your intelligence, you should first learn how to totally eliminate stress from your life, as this is the time when your brain will start using all its powers and work at its high power. Only afterwards should you start a program which will enable your brain to increase its IQ.

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Five Easy Ways Which Increase Your IQ Faster

Continuously increasing the IQ is a condition for every person who wants to succeed in life. Most of the leading positions and high paying jobs are occupied by capable persons, with incredibly high IQ. The reason for this is simple: the higher your IQ is, the smarter you are and thus, the better you can pursue your goals. So, if you are dreaming about becoming an important person, get out of that reverie state and start improving your intelligent so that you can compete with the others who want the same thing as you do!

There are many things which you can do in order to increase your IQ and make your brain work faster and more efficiently. Probably the first thing which must be done is that of freeing yourself from any vices which may affect the way in which your brain functions. Here it must be said that alcoholic drinks, smoking and taking drugs will not lead you to success, but rather decrease your chances of ever becoming an important and very intelligent person. Thus, step number one in improving your intellectual capacities: stop drinking, smoking and taking drugs.

Number two on the list is sleep. Most modern people have problems with sleep: whether they do not get enough of it or its quality is very low. This problem also affects the way in which the brain functions, so it is highly necessary that you solve your sleep issues if you want your intellectual capabilities to improve.
Thirdly, include meditation in your daily routine. This will maintain your brain focused and will increase its capacity of storing new information and use it properly. Other techniques of relaxation are also welcomed, if they make you feel good. The more relaxed you are, the more your brain will be ready to cooperate.

The forth way in which you can improve your intelligence is by reading extensively. This will improve your vocabulary and will challenge your brain to penetrate a world with which it is not familiar. Thus, the imagination is stimulated. No matter what types of books you read, it is recommended that you never take breaks between your readings, so that you can push your brain into learning and increasing its capacities more and more.

Last, but not least, it is highly important to include in your alimentation food which stimulate your brain and which help it to accumulate more and more information.

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First Step to Improve Your IQ- Know Its Real Value

There are many ways through which you can make your brain function at a more rapid speed. There are also many methods which will enable your brain to stock more information and use it in a more easier way. Yet, in order to make those techniques really work for you it is advisable that you know what the real value of your IQ is.

Many people do not have an accurate idea about their IQ and still want their brain to work better. It is true that knowing what your intelligence quotient is will not make you smarter, but will give you an idea about your current intelligent abilities and will give you a tool of measuring your improvements once you started training your brain. Think about it: if you do not know what your IQ is now, how will you know if your intellectual capacities have improved or not?

The IQ tests are simple mind tests on the basis of which you can determine how good your brain functions. These tests have as main goal that of evaluating your knowledge and the way in which your brain responds to several types of external factors. During these tests, almost all the sides of the brain are put to test, so that their results should be as accurate as possible.

In order for an IQ test to have accurate results, the one undergoing the examination must not be tired, must not have undergone strong experiences which may affect their power of focusing, must be in a quiet room, without any factor which may disturb their attention and must not be under the influence of narcotics or alcoholic drinks. Thus, if you are in one of these conditions, you should wait until everything gets to normal and only afterwards undergo the testing.

Once you have the results of the IQ tests you will be ready to start a program which will enable you to increase your intelligence efficiently. After such a test you will have all the necessary data about your brain and will be able to understand its needs and in which of its sectors you will have to further insist.

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Eat Chocolate for a Higher IQ

There is very good news for people who love chocolate: this delicious dessert does more than lighten up your day. The so much loved chocolate is well known for its positive effects upon the human brain, thus now you have twice more reasons to eat as much chocolate as your heart (and brain) desires!

Chocolate contains a large amount of antioxidants, which make your brain function better. Also, in addition to boosting your intellectual capacity, antioxidants also help your body remain young and fresh for a larger period of time: thus double effect – youth for your mind and body.

In addition to that, chocolate is a source of caffeine, thus maintain your brain in a state of alertness for a longer period. Thus you will be able to stay focused for a more time, fact which will allow you to learn more things in a shorter period of time. Also, you will be able to solve problems which at a first view may seem difficult much faster than if you tried to solve them before eating a piece of chocolate.

Chocolate is called the ingredient which brings happiness because it increases the serotonin form your body. Thus, you will forget about your problems and worries or at least will see them in a more positive way. It is no wonder that after eating a piece of chocolate life seems simpler and much more fun.

If you choose to eat dark chocolate, the benefits your brain will have are even greater, as dark chocolate is a valuable source of fibers. Fibers, as you probably know are essential in having a good and healthy cardiovascular system. If the cardiovascular system works properly, then the brain will also work well.
So, a healthy brain, which functions properly, may start with a piece of chocolate. Also, an increased IQ and improved intellectual capacity can begin with the same piece of chocolate. This means that if you have until now avoided this delicious ingredient or you have taken it out because you are on a diet, you should put it back on your list of favorite foods, as its benefits are far more important than the few extra calories it brings.

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Can Mind Games Help You Improve Your Intelligence?

There have been numerous debates about the different types of activities which are able of increasing the IQ. Many of them were thought to be useless, while others were labeled as highly efficient. About mind games, people have always had different opinions: their fans say that these games have made them see things much clearer and have offered them a simple and pleasant way of increasing their IQ, while those disliking these activities strongly affirm that there is no connection between mind games and improving the intelligence.

However, it seems like mind games fans are right: mind games do affect the brain in a positive way. In fact, everything that puts your brain to work steadily and gives it obstacles which it has to overcome has a positive influence upon the human brain. This is mainly because the more you put your brain to work, the more its capacity will increase. Thus, new challenges, such as finding different strategies to defeat your enemy in a chess game or planning your moves in advance in a computer strategy game, have the role of expanding your intelligence and increasing your IQ.

The most efficient mind games which can increase your intellectual abilities are Sudoku, crosswords and other similar word games, chess, computer strategy games, riddles and puzzles. These games are efficient because they force you to think differently and find more than one solution to a problem. This kind of approach will force your brain into working continuously, thus increasing its power of focus and its capacity of learning.

In order to make this type of brain training efficient, it is highly important that you do not cheat, but rather try out until you reach the correct result. Thus, even though the higher levels may be more difficult, you should try and solve them without using any hints. Only this way will your brain be able to work more, and thus increase its intelligence. Perseverance is the key of learning, but is also the key to an extended intellectual capacity, so do your best and remain focus even when things are not going well, because this is the time when your brain leans new things.

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Caffeine and Its Impact Upon Increasing the IQ

Green tea, black tea and coffee have been long known as energy boosters. They were used in order to revitalize the body and mind when they were giving signs of tiredness. Nowadays, many people rely on these energy increasers to give them power to make it through the day. The day of a modern person starts with a large cup of coffee, while during the day, at least one cup of black or green tea are drank to maintain the level of energy as high as possible. Also, the recent history has also come up with numerous energetic drinks and sodas which are very rich in caffeine and which are highly popular among people who want to increase their brain power or muscular strength for a limited period of time.

The miraculous ingredient which makes all these drinks highly effective in fighting sleep and tiredness and boosting the energy is caffeine. People heavily rely on it for solving all their tasks in a limited period of time and with minimum physical effort. It has become as used as all the other basic foods and drinks.

The reason for which caffeine is so effective is that it affects the release of adenosine, the chemical substance meant to announce the body when it is time to sleep. Without this chemical or when its presence in the body is significantly reduced, the body does not feel the need to sleep, thus prolonging its state of alert. Also, because caffeine fully oxygenizes the brain and reduces the flow of blood which reaches the heart, the brain gets more and more active and energetic, which leads to an increased intellectual activity. This is the reason for which most people signal a higher power of leaning and greater intellectual capacity after consuming a cup of drink containing this wonder-ingredient.

Yet, in addition to firing up the neurons and increasing the intellectual abilities for a limited period of time, the drinks containing caffeine also give the individual a state of well-being. This state is caused by the dopamine, the same substance which is responsible for creating addiction. Thus, if you drink caffeine drinks on a regular basis and you feel like you lose your focus when you do not have a cup of coffee in the morning, you should know that the only one to blame for that is the dopamine.

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A Healthy Lifestyle Is the Key to Maintaining and Increasing Your IQ

For many people a healthy lifestyle means a longer life without any diseases, a fitter body, a slimmer silhouette and a skin with no imperfections. Yet, there is another benefit of a healthy lifestyle: an increased intellectual capacity.

Constant physical movement and a balanced diet can make wonders for your brain. This is mainly because the amount of movement your make each and every day and the foods you ingest have a great importance on the way in which your brain functions. Let’s take each of these two factors separately and see how they can affect the intellectual capacity of a human being.

First, the physical movement is highly effective in boosting one’s intelligence as it increases the amount of oxygen which reaches the brain. In presence of oxygen, the brain works more effectively, thus having better results when having to deal with stress and fatigue. Also, exercises are highly effective in distressing the brain and relaxing it. This means that your brain will be able to focus on more important things once it has been freed from all the stress and problems. This will further enhance its ability of acquiring information fast and easy and will make it work at a more rapid speed, when needed. Yet, in order to benefit from these effects of the physical exercises, they will have to be done daily, at least 20 or 30 minutes.

The diet is also highly important, as fatty foods, foods containing preservatives and chemical colorants and foods containing high amounts of sugar can be very damaging for the brain. They stop the further development of the brain and can also lead to a regression in the intellectual capacities. This means that your brain will not function as well as it used to and instead of progressing and acquiring new information, it will lose precious notions and useful information.

In order to avoid such things, it is absolutely necessary to alternate a healthy diet with physical movement. Not only will you obtain a healthy and attractive body, which will be envied by all those who see you, but you will also preserve your brain in good function and increase your IQ significantly.

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