Tips And Tricks On How To Improve Your Memory

When memory does often play tricks on us and we can't remember simple things like where we placed our car keys then it is normal to ask ourselves the question: how do you improve your memory? Don't despair, there are many ways of doing just that. No matter how old you are, memory improvement is something anybody can do with a little effort and time.

Some people think that nothing can be done when having a bad memory so they give up and get stuck with it. You have to realize how significant memory is in your daily activities and do everything in your power to improve it. This can be done through practice, the more you exercise your brain muscle, the better your memory will be.

Laziness it is one of the reasons many of us forget things because we find it too complicated and hard to remember so we don't make a strong enough effort to memorize it in the first place. And since the moment we think we have a weak memory, our ability and desire to recall information becomes even worse. We need to stay positive and if we put up a fight and just change little things in our behavior, our ability to recall information will improve.

According to memory specialists, first thing you need to fix in order to boost your memory is your ability to concentrate. If you pay serious attention to the task in hand, you're half way there already. You can begin exercising with something easy like focusing on the names of the people you just meet.

Often times, we become distracted by the things around us or by our emotional state and we get into some embarrassing situations when we need to recall someone's name. And once we do well with this exercise, soon we'll realize that we are able to concentrate much better on many other things.

Another memory trick that works like gang busters for some people is the process of repetition. Right before you go to the grocery store, repeat several times the items you need to purchase. In order to recall better try to associate the item with the specific purpose you need it for. If you like to have omelette in the morning, then eggs are most certainly required. If you repeat it over and over again, it will be very easy to get everything you need once you get to the store because your brain was specially trained to prioritize and execute the required demands.

Memory improvement is a goal a lot easier to achieve once you have a plan figured out and follow the required steps. Be disciplined, take action and good results will follow. You will grow in confidence and next time you meet someone, you'll be proud to recall easily their name or when you leave your car in a big parking lot, won't have to worry about its location when you get back.

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By Michael Boban.

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Memory Improvement - Tips For Improving Your Memory

Think of your brain as one of the most powerful muscles in your body, because in a sense it is. It may be an organ however, without it, where would one be?

People spend tons of money yearly to workout in gyms, go to spas for relaxing massages, and do everything in their power to stay physically appearing young, however they fail to take the same care and consideration to the most powerful part of their body, their brain.

Without exercising your brain, you will lose its powerful functioning that was the reason behind your success to maintain the job that enabled you to hit the gyms, spas, and other forms of treatments to stay looking young. That is your first tip in improving your memory, work the brain, or lose it.

You can exercise your brain by stimulating it to new information, hobbies, and knowledge. Other ways you can exercise your brain is by moving away from mindless television and picking up a book, playing board games, memory games, doing crossword puzzles and other types of puzzles that force you to think.

Break away from normal routines that become monotonous. How many times have you felt your car could drive you home from work because you have never strayed from a beaten path?

It is the same way with your brain; if you do not give it new surroundings from time to time, it becomes stale or stagnant. Do anything you can do to throw a little spice up into your brains life.

That is just one tip that will help improve your memory, recall ability, and knowledge base. Here are some other essential tips to help one improve their memory.

* Pay close attention to details in print or when someone is speaking to you. Many times we assume we know were the conversation is leading so we tone out parts if not the majority of it. Learn to focus closer on conversations and details even if you do not think they are pertinent. It takes eight seconds for your brain to process a piece of information. Practicing focusing even with the most boring conversation will help you drastically in improve your memory and recall skills.

* Know your learning style and try to intake new information in that style. It will help your brain process the information quicker and even help cut down on study time.

* Use as many styles of learning that are best suited for you. Try to utilize as many senses in your learning styles as possible. The more style utilized the more your brain will absorb as well as you are giving your brain an excellent workout.

* Associate new information to information you have already learned previously or have stored. This will help immensely with recall.

* When taking in new complex material, learn to repeat it back aloud in your own words then write the information in your own words.

* Remember the days of spelling words and writing them repeatedly to memorize them. It worked then and it will work still at the age of 30, 40, and 50 and up.

* Remind yourself frequently that you want to improve your memory. This alone will help improve your memory up to 30% if done actively.

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By David Starks.
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Is There a Way to Improve Your Memory

Is there a way to improve your memory quickly and painlessly ? I know of several tips that will prove to be easy to master. Nevertheless, you should always be exercising your brain to retain as much information as possible. You will notice that over time, it will become second nature for you to memorize huge lists of seemingly unrelated numbers or words.

One great way of improving your memory is to complete math puzzles on a daily basis. One perfect puzzle is the Japanese puzzle game called Sudoku. The reason that such puzzles can help to improve your memory is because you must locate patterns and make the correct associations in order to complete such a puzzle. The human brain stores memories readily, but in order to recall a memory, your brain has to find a link to it such as another memory. Therefore, by quickly noticing patterns and combinations, you will greatly enhance your ability to remember.

Is there a way to improve your memory that you can try out right away and see positive results? Yes, there is such a method. It involves visualization. For instance, instead of trying to remember a boring name, make that name less boring and it will instantly become easily remembered. If a person's name is Landers and this person is balding, you could envision a tiny flying saucer landing on the bald spot on this person's head. Now, the next time that you encounter this person, you will see that humorous image and recall that their name is Landers. Try out this method; it really works.

I enjoy outlining to others different methods of memorization that have worked for me personally. Memorization can quickly turn into a fun game if you are able to see instant results.

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By Jack Travels.

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Improving Your Memory - Why You Need to Sharpen Your Brain's Auditory System

If you are one of the many people who would like to own a crystal clear memory, there are some specific steps you can take. The first is understanding how memory works, and how your brain processes information you need to remember. Let's take a closer look at what you can do to improve your memory...

Your Auditory System And How It Affects Memory

You are probably aware that all five senses are used in the memory process. You recall what things look like, what they taste like, what they smell like. You also use your sense of touch or feeling, for example to remember the sensation of jumping into a cold swimming pool.

The final sense, hearing, is another name for your brain's auditory system. Hearing is critical to memory because it processes speech, music, and other sounds into and out of your brain. As a result, improving your auditory system will help you remember more things you hear, like instructions, directions, names, and so on.

In order to sharpen this aspect of your brain, you need to exercise it. Specific computer based training exercises have now become the accepted standard. Typically, they involve a set of activities that target different aspects of listening.

The ultimate goal of computer based auditory skills training is simple. It is designed to help you improve the amount and clarity of information your brain gets from your ears. Like any skill, improvement takes practice, but not simple repetition. Mental skills are much more complex than physical skills, so your brain needs to be trained in several different approaches.

What Type Of Activities Are Involved In Auditory Skills Training?

There is a series of about ten exercises that are used in computer based programs. Some involve distinguishing between different but similar sounds to sharpen your memory of speech. Another focuses on processing sounds faster to aid short term memory, which are normally crucial in daily task completion. Still others target your brain's ability to remember sounds in order, which help communication and conversational abilities.

Computer based brain training programs designed to improve your memory are administered on a building block approach. The recommended time per day is about fifteen to thirty minutes in order not to overwhelm the participant. All told, a thorough PC based memory skills improvement program will have between thirty and forty hours of training material.


If you are struggling with common memory skill problems, like not being able to find the word on the tip of your tongue, you will benefit from improving your auditory skills. The best way to do this is to train your brain to process and retain information more effectively. Personal computer based brain training programs help you work on a variety of skills designed to improve your memory skills quickly and efficiently.

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By Jim Hofman

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Improve Your Memory Through A Training Activity

One of the prime requirements to improve your memory is physical exercise. Not only is the exercise good for the body but it is also a great help to the brain in aiding memory.

The increased oxygen that exercise provides the brain is very important for the brain's proper function. The brain has capacity to continuously grow neurons even in old age. The proper amount of oxygen in the brain assures good neuron growth..

Neurons are the brain food or fuel that promotes memory and increases your learning process. Without this fuel the brain will not store information for recall at a later time.

With many things on your mind (multi tasking) it is easy to get distracted and lose focus on what you are trying to remember.

To place something into memory is not an automatic procedure unless there is concentration to store the information. To improve your memory you must organize your thoughts in such a way as to make recall of data a simple issue and not complicated in any way.

Chances are you were thinking of something else at the moment you thought you were placing data into your memory. When the time arrives to recall that information you draw a blank. There is no recall as you never concentrated or made the right effort to place the information into memory.

If you experience moments of forgetfulness it will serve as a reminder that you are not making the concentrated effort to remember something.

Because we live in a world that overloads our senses due to multi-tasking, it's easy to understand why we forget on occasion. However, nor being able to recall something at will does not necessarily mean. You have a memory loss problem. It might be a case of being absentminded.

There is a vast difference between memory loss and an absentminded condition. A few examples of the differences follow.

An absentminded person may forget where he placed his house keys, but a person suffering with memory loss may forget about the keys entirely and may not even remember what they are for.

An absentminded condition is not job threatening or a life changing process. You'll find your house keys because you know they are missing.

But the person with memory loss won't even remember he has house keys and even worse he may not remember what just happened.

An absentminded person can continue to work efficiently and be aware and alert to what he has to focus on.

The person with memory loss may not even remember why he is at work.

Improved memory is still viable for both an absentminded person and a person suffering memory loss. There is no reason to give up hope for improvement. The person with the memory loss may need help, such as vitamins and/or supplements which would be recommended by a health care provider.

Persistent practice of using concentrated efforts to place data into memory and improve your memory will result in great rewards for making the effort.


The two vital elements to bear in mind for memory improvement:

1. Physical exercise to help increase the amount of oxygen to the brain.

2. A strong and concentrated effort to place something into memory.

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By Kenneth Janczak.

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Improve Your Memory Information With Some New Tricks

Increase Your Memory Information

A person having a sharp memory is praised by all the people from every walk of life. Be it family members, pals, co-workers, or acquaintances, everybody gets amused by the particular person with the finest capacity for memory information. Remember the smirk on your good friend's face when you told them happy birthday? Or that sparkle of sheer joy in your spouse eye when you remembered your wedding anniversary. Youngsters like when their busy dads remember the day of their baseball game and show up on time!

Today, the value of a man or woman gets boosted routinely if he or she has an excellent memory. Challenging yourself toimprove your memory information ought to be everyone's goal. Ultimately it will impress your supervisor for acquiring a promotion at work or it may well please your dad and mom by showing up on time. Having the skill and desire to consistentlyimprove your memory information will only serve to help you in the long run. It need should be our goal to improve our memory information. Do you meet some sort of trouble with remembering uncomplicated things like birthdays, academic notes, time etc? By adhering to some uncomplicated guidelines, you can improve your memory information. Step by step, these ideas can lead you to excel in every contest of life, some of these tips are:

Positive Affirmation To Improve Your Memory Information Ever noticed the saying that "Faith can make you move mountains.' Well, this is authentic. Have faith in oneself! Convince yourself that you will improve your memory information step by step and develop endurance because getting to the peak of perfection requires a number of failures and accomplishments. Keep reminding yourself about your successes and not focusing on your failures. Rejoice and cherish those minor accomplishments and use them as a motivator for yourself to realize increased heights.

Easy on That Bottle, You Lush

Serious alcohol drinkers face the problem of possessing a short-term memory a lot more than those who drink occasionally. It is incredibly normal to feel good and forget all your worries for a bit, but heavy drinking can not only leave you questioning why you took that funny looking person home from the club, but it can also have some extremely unfavorable effects on your memory in general.

You may find it easy to even overlook very recent things that happened with you after a time period of serious drinking. Occasional alcohol consumers have found to own a better memory than a regular person. The excellent information is that in fact, some studies have found that moderate drinkers do better on certain tests of memory than non-drinkers and major drinkers. So, seldom pleasure, is not guilty pleasure. You can improve your memory information by drinking moderately.

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By Samuel Glover.

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Improve Your Memory Information - Basic Tips

Your brain is the most powerful machine that the universe has ever seen. It's capable of things that are incredible and although scientist have been studying this powerful machine for centuries, many mysteries still have to be uncovered.

Memory is one of the functions that make the brain incredible. We are able to recall events that happened even decades ago, many times with great accuracy. If we don't take care of our brain and memory, however, its power and capabilities can degrade over time. If, on the other hand, we take care of it and we do exercises to keep it young, we can get to our fifties and sixties with still good mental capabilities.

Scientists have demonstrated that neurons, the cells that populate our brain, can duplicate and new connections can be generated, thus keeping our brain healthy and young.

So how do we keep ourselves mentally healthy? There are many ways to do it. The basic approach is to do some mental activities on a constant basis. The brain is not very different that our muscles in its form of training. The more we use it, the better it becomes. Also, as for our muscles, doing the same type of things everyday will not benefit anyhow. We need to get our mind outside its comfort zone and doing something new almost everyday. This doesn't mean doing something totally different or big. Even little things can improve by a small percentage, and adding these small amounts over a longer period of time can get great improvements.

We tend to forget how much improvement can be achieved in a year if we practice just half an hour a day in anything. That is something like one hundred and eighty hours per year and it's an incredible amount of time for any activity.

Also, the brain can improve by doing new activities, such a learning how to play a new instrument. If you have been thinking about learning how to play guitar, for instance, keep in mind that this hobby can improve your memory. In fact, when i talk about improving your brain functions, i also mean improving your memory a little bit, as it's a function of the brain.

There are more specific exercises and techniques for memory improvement. They are based in a greater percentage in improving your focus. The power of the human mind to stay focused on a task for a long period of time is something like a miracle and it's where all the greatest achievements are made. Unfortunately, modern age have seen the birth of multi tasking activities more and more, and often in our jobs we are forced to multi task all the time. This is literally a mental killer. It's been demonstrated that multitasking damages the brain, so we should avoid it as much as we can.

Finally, our diet can affect our brain and therefore our memory. It's easy to notice that our body is a big system and what we introduce into it through our food is going to affect all parts of that system. The brain is affected by it as well. What you eat is going to affect how you age, and how your mental performance will be affected.

Vegetables and foods rich of anti oxidants can benefit and improve memory dramatically.

So eat as much as you can of these type of foods.

So you learnt how our brain can be kept young and thus how our memory can remain good. I encourage you to take all the care possible towards your biggets gift, which is your brain.

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By Erik Grey.

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