Improve Your Memory in a Simple Way

Your Memory is Important

All of us know that having a well-oiled memory is essential in daily life. The way you get to work requires that you remember which way you need to go, and that you recognize important landmarks.

Or when at the mall, and you need to remember where the car is parked. Having an effective memory is essential.

A Bad Memory is not Hopeless

There are some people who simply resign to saying "I have a bad memory, and I just have to accept that." Those people couldn't be more wrong. In truth, people from all walks of life are able to improve their memory function and make it more effective. For those people this article can be of help to improve your memory.

Rather than resigning to the misfortune of having a poor memory, exercise your brain, and it will get better. Regardless of gender or creed, anyone is able to improve their retention of information if one makes an effort to do so.

The Bad Beginnings of a Bad Memory

"There's no way I'm going to remember that, so I'm not even going to try."

Don't ever be the person who says that. Becoming lazy and negative in regards to memory retention is a fast way to actually become the person who has a bad memory.

Believing in having a bad memory is how we develop a bad memory. All peoples are capable of memory improvement. Changes in their daily life in help to support memory improvement.

Memory Improvement

By doing little more than actually paying closer attention to what it is you are doing, and to what people are saying, already memory improvement will increase.

For instance, when introducing yourself to a new person, pay specific attention to what they say their name is. This increases the chances of name retention. It is a much more effective method than being preoccupied with the impression you might be making, or how you look.

Actually, by focusing more pointedly in certain areas, you will begin to focus more effectively in others.

Can You Repeat That?

Force your brain to remember what you are trying to by repeating what you are trying to remember. By reiterating something to yourself, you will be more likely to remember it.

For instance, if there is a check that you need to deposit after work, tell yourself repeatedly, "I need to deposit a check later. I will deposit this check later. This check needs to be deposited later". When you have the time to do so, repeat what you need to remember in your head, or aloud.

Is This Difficult?

If you work smartly and effectively, memory improvement is closer than you might think. It is essential to visualize the thing you want to achieve, and put your mind to fulfilling said achievement.

When you meet the new person we discussed, use their first name back to them, and be confident enough to do so. You will make a better impression and stand a better chance of remembering it.

Incorporate this tips into your life, and the brain will be trained into remembering new information easier.

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By John MacRaay.

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Improve Your Memory - 5 Juicy Tips to Improve Your Memory

Have you ever wondered if you are going senile and developing symptoms of amnesia? Like me the thought has probably passed your mind. I have trouble remembering where I put things or when people's birthdays are. Unfortunately I don't have a photographic memory but the good news is that anyone can improve their memory. This article reveals five juicy  tips to improve your memory.

1. Tell yourself that you do have a good memory that will get better

Don't put yourself down and convince yourself that your memory is bad. You tend to have a reason for forgetting things. Begin to change the way you think about yourself. Decide that you are going to work on improving your memory. Reward yourself for every little step of achievement you make.

2. Develop New Mental Skills

Exercise your brain requiring complex mental skills to develop. Learn a new musical instrument such as guitar or piano or challenge yourself by playing puzzles and games- one I like to play is chess. My mother in law does a word cross everyday and boy is she alert and on to it! This will keep your brain active.

3. Exercise Every Day

Research has proven that aerobic exercise done regularly improves brain efficiency and helps fight off memory loss associated with aging. You will find that by doing daily exercise, better mental imagery and improved memory uptake will happen naturally.

4. Lessen Stress

Remembering can be much more difficult when one is experiencing chronic stress. Stress will never be eliminated but it definitely can be controlled and reduced. Try some stretching exercises. Allow yourself time to relax, to do whatever makes you feel happier like listening to relaxing music or reading an interesting book. If your stress level is seriously high visit your doctor to chat about it.

5. Focus Better

We meet new people all the time, get into a conversation, find out what their names are then later forget their names. The problem is we are not focusing strongly enough on remembering their names. It takes a conscious effort to recall such things and when you really do this your memory will improve. Try looking at a photo for ten seconds. Then turn it over. Now name as many details as possible that are in the photograph. You will find that over time you will have the ability to remember more details form any photo you glimpse at.

This article reveals five juicy tips to improve your memory. With a bit of effort we all can improve our abilities to recall and remember.

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By Harry Mitchell.

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How to Improve Your Memory Naturally

There are a lot of misconceptions about improving one's memory. A lot of people think that this is done by doing a lot of fancy mental exercises. And while these will certainly help to some degree, memory ultimately comes down to nutrition and supplements, and no exercises in the world are going to take the place of good nutrition. So, in this article, I'm going to share a few things you can do to improve your memory naturally.

Okay, just what are the things that help our memory? Well, for starters, there's supplements such as Thiamine, Vitamin E, Niacin and Vitamin B-6. Let's go over each one individually.

Thiamine is a vitamin B compound. The lack of thiamine in one's diet can lead to serious neurological problems, let alone memory loss. The problem with thiamine is that, while it is found in a variety of foods, it is usually found in low amounts. Therefore, the only way to get a sufficient supply of thiamine is through supplements.

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble anti oxidant. Vitamin E can be found in asparagus, avocado, egg, milk, nuts, such as almonds or hazelnuts, seeds, spinach and other green leafy vegetables, unheated vegetable oils, wheat germ, and whole grain foods. But as with thiamine, vitamin E is also found in limited amounts in these food. Thus, supplements are needed to make up the difference needed in our daily diet.

Niacin, also known as vitamin B3, is water soluble. In addition to aiding memory, it is also used in DNA repair and the production of steroid hormones. Niacin is found in quite a few animal products, fruits and vegetables, seeds and fungi such as mushrooms and brewers yeast. The problem with most people is that they don't eat a balanced enough diet to get enough niacin and thus have to rely on supplements.

Vitamin B6 is a water soluble vitamin and part of the B complex group. This vitamin greatly helps with your metabolism, which, if too slow, can actually affect your memory as well. So if you're having memory problems, there is a good chance that you suffer from a slow metabolism as well. Good sources of vitamin B6 include meats, whole grain products, vegetables, nuts and bananas. As with the other vitamins, improper diet forces most people to rely on supplements to get enough B6.

Get enough of these nutrients in your system and you can forget about all the memory tricks, no pun intended.

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By Steve Wagner.

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How to Improve Your Memory for Greater Success

It seems that in the high-tech and fast-paced world we live in today there are many more things to remember than there used to be. With the addition of such things as PIN numbers, log-in names, passwords and many other such things to remember you may have had questions as have many other folks about how to improve your memory.

You rarely stop to think about how important memory is in your day to day life. However, it is fairly easy to see if you think of all the things you have to remember just to survive in this world. Just a trip outside the house to run some errands means we have to recall a bunch of things, things like where you need to go, things we need to buy, where we parked the car and how to get back when we're finished. Even the simple tasks of dressing and going out for the day makes us have to remember when to get up, where your clothes are located, what time you're supposed to be at work or school, and a number of other things.

Yet we recall such things and many more almost effortlessly. Your memory is a t work constantly. But when things are sometimes not easily recalled you may want to say in the frustration of the moment, "My memory is bad, and I guess there's nothing I can do to help it." But the good news is that something can be done to help. The process of good memory can be developed, and nearly anyone, regardless of age, can do something to improve their memory.

So then how do you actually improve your memory? Well, it's simple. Through exercise memory is improved the same way you strengthen a muscle. When we stop using our memory muscles we fail to recall things. No matter what age a person is their memory can usually be improved to some degree just by using it more.

The best way to forget something is to say, "I can't remember this." And it's because, in doing so, the process of remembering is stopped, and believing you can't remember is the very thing that prevents you from doing what's necessary to recall something later. Memory problems start when you think you are not going to remember. So what is the first thing you need to do to improve your memory? Stop saying you can't remember.

Experts in the field agree that learning to focus your attention is the largest part of improving memory. Many times you forget something just because you weren't paying attention, or, in other words, you weren't "exercising" your memory muscles. Improving memory then means you have to make a habit of paying attention. Practice focusing as a daily habit, with such things such as remembering someone's name when you meet them. Focus on the name instead of the other thoughts that cross your mind. Deliberately changing the focus of their attention to the name of the person and repeating their name to them somewhere in the conversation. Simply exercise the memory processes to get the name of that person to register in your mind. A habit of paying attention can be developed. As you focus on one area at a time, you will find that your concentration is increasing in other areas also.

Teachers have discovered long ago that repetition is the best way to learn something for the first time. Repetition creates an impression in the mind that is recalled later. Repetition can also help you remember things every day such as things you need to buy at the supermarket, or what things you should do today. If we repeat something again and again, it will stick after a while, but it takes a little work. As you go to the grocery store, it will help to remind yourself several times: "I need bread, I need bread and eggs, I need bread and eggs and milk, I need bread and eggs and milk and applesauce. The principle will work with any kind of information. Repeating causes it to be impressed on your mind. You naturally learn just about everything through repetition.

So how do you improve your memory? It is not as difficult as most people think. The use of these techniques on a regular basis, you will be able to train your mind to help keep any information you want to remember.

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By Tyler Buchanan.

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How To Improve Your Memory Ability

It is easy to see just how critical your memory is to your everyday living. Without it, you will have a tough time remembering why you are now at the grocery store, let alone where you parked your car.

There are many people with the belief that poor memory that they are now saddled with is a lifelong incurable disease that they have no hope of overcoming.

This is not the case. There are ways of how to improve your memory and regain the efficiency you had as a young child. Just like with any muscle, the more you work it, the stronger it'll become. Exercising your mental muscle is desirable for us all no matter your age.

If you hear someone saying aloud that they are never going to remember something, their prophecy will become self-fulfilling. This is because they are being like that overweight beer gut sitting on the La-Z-Boy sipping a brew saying he will never be able to get into better shape. Just like this guy, you can't treat your memory with a lazy attitude.

Having a bad memory is just a blocker, where you are thinking only that you have a bad memory, or can't remember things. The good news is that the "beer gut" mentality can be turned around, because anyone and everyone have the ability to improve your memory.

How to Improve Memory in Practice

The first step, and the biggest, is simply to focus your attention on things a bit better. When you meet someone for the first time, don't be thinking about what to say next or wonder what they are thinking about you and how you look.

Instead, concentrate on their name. Get into the habit of quickly using their name in subsequent conversation, so you can hear their name being used several times. If you practice concentrating on this one thing, you'll soon realize this extra concentration can be applied to other areas of your life also; this is how to improve your memory.

Ever wonder why we had to go through all those multiplication tables over and over again when we were kids? Because repetition is a key factor when you first learn and want to recall information so helps improve memory capabilities.

If you want to remember something, start by repeating the thing you are remembering again and again silently to yourself this is how to improve your memory.

A mental grocery list is a good place to start using this technique. Say the items on the grocery list to yourself repeatedly from the time you leave your house, until the time you believe you have everything you came to the store for in your shopping cart.

Then take out the list and compare how you did in remembering the items on the grocery list. Chances are you'll have remembered all the items.

How Improve Memory, in conclusion

It is not a complicated, drawn out process when you try to improve your memory. Imagination holds the key to succeeding with your mental improvement exercises.

Trying the above strategies out immediately will infuse you with quick confidence as you come to realize that it is easy to train yourself to remember things more concisely and clearly, every time you need - this is how improve memory.

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By  S. J. Buckley

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How to Improve Memory Skills - 4 Tips to Improving Your Memory

Have you ever tried going to a room and then you completely forgot the item that you are supposed to get? Or have you been talking for quite a while with someone but his or her name has slipped your mind? Or perhaps you have seen someone familiar but just can't recall who he or she is.

It all sounds common to most people and there are many methods you can use to improve your memory power.

A person's memory is categorized into three parts-imprint, retention, and then recall. Imprint talks about any piece of data that you prefer to keep in your memory bank. Retention, on the other hand, is the intensity of the information which makes it truly memorable or worth discarding.

And the last is recalling which talks about your mind's capacity to recollect that piece of information. If any of these components fail, then the end result would be memory loss or memory lapse.

Therefore, take note of these tips on how to improve your memory.

1. Pay enough attention. If you put in less attention on certain information, then chances are it will be easily discarded by your memory and will not be imprinted in your memory bank. Usually, those things that interest you get most of your attention and that is why they are best remembered.

2. Associate or relate one piece of information with another. Physical association generally helps in recalling things. It helps if you can associate a picture with the object or person you want to remember. Our brain works better remembering pictures rather than letters and numbers.

3. Get adequate rest. Don't deprive yourself of rest and sleep. When the physical body and the brain are overworked, the tendency is for all these to become less attentive. That is why students should be adequate sleep before their examinations. Never burn the midnight oil the night before your examinations.

4. Oxygenate and hydrate. Memory loss is mainly prompted by the lack of water and oxygen in the body.

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By Ricky Lim.

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How Do You Improve Your Memory by Changing Your Behavior

How Can We Improve Memory?

There are numerous hassle free ways to boost your memory by modifying your behaviour. One of the most popular ways to memorize stuff easily is to read things out loud. Speaking as well as hearing words allows some people to easily retain them within their memory.

Just as well, a relationship has also been formulated between alcohol as well as a person's memory. Though only basic research has been conducted as yet, it is widely believed that if alcohol is consumed in light quantities, it can improve your memory as well as your cognition. Obviously, drinking too much will decrease retention but research has indicated that light drinkers do well on certain tests as compared to non-drinkers or heavy drinkers. Red wine consists of a flavonoid that augments blood vessels thereby enhancing memory.

There are numerous individuals who perpetually search for ways on how to improve the memory but what most of them don't realize is the fact that changes in your nutrition can greatly impact your memory. Recent advancements in science have proven the fact that changes in your nutrition can also impact the power of your brain, intelligence level etc. Consequently, how do you improve memory by modifying your daily diet? Stuff like antioxidants, phospholipids, amino acids in addition to vitamins and minerals helps improve your memory. Any decrease in the amounts of the previously mentioned compounds will undoubtedly decrease the efficiency of your memory. Similarly, there are particular items that you must refrain from consuming. Food items such as refined sugar, damaged fats, food allergens, food chemicals and the like need to be avoided. It doesn't take much to notice the fact that every item in the list of things to be avoided is contained within junk food.

Another popular item when it comes to a nutritious diet are anti-oxidants. In studies performed at at the USDA Human Nutrition study Center at Tufts University in Boston, memory experts have indicated that free radicals can lead to decreased brain function as well as specific brain diseases such as alzheimer's. However don't fret because items such as spinach and strawberries plus oranges as well as blueberries can easily help your counteract the dangerous effects of free radicals. Consuming vitamin B6, vitamin B12 plus vitamin D individually or in conjunction with each other are very important if you want to improve your memory.

On the other starvation is used as a means to reduce one's weight but research has indicated it might not be the best thing to do. One of the important reasons of memory loss can be attributed to a low blood sugar level. Regardless of dietary constraints, is there a way that relates to how we can improve memory? Brain power and abilities are severely limited when your blood sugar level falls below a particular limit. Thus, breaking down your meals into 5-6 per day is a pretty excellent idea.

The storage part of your brain will also come under strain when stress or anxiety is dominant within your life. Similarly, depression has the same impact. Memory loss and depression are similar to the extent that within each disease, patients find it difficult to concentrate which causes doctors to misdiagnose people who are depressed. Most people who find it difficult to concentrate on their work also tend to forget things that they do during the day. Nevertheless, the simple fact of the matter is that lack of concentration will almost always lead to short term memory loss. Also, depression makes you forget particular things rather than resulting in a general memory loss issue. Basically, patients who suffer from depression will only remember negative memories in the long run.

Exercise, as you might have guessed, is also another way of improving your memory. Physical workout affects your body as well as your mind. For proper brain function to occur, it is important for you to get a proper supply of oxygen coupled with nutrients within the bloodstream. Disruption in the supply of any of these items will definitely lead to problems in brain activity. Physical activity is directly linked with increased brain activity.

Although memory improving exercises are plentiful and important, they represent only a small portion of the real answer. The goal is to completely change your behaviour in a way that promulgates memory improvement.

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By Paul A. Rogers

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How Do You Improve Your Memory - By Using Two Key Elements

How do you improve your memory? Many of the articles that answer this question will emphasize two key items: focus and concentration.

So how do you focus? If we were speaking about a camera we would point out that there are certain settings for focus on the camera and it is just a matter of selecting the right number for the photo to come out properly and in focus.

But our brain doesn't work that way, there are no number settings for us to select and say I want the following information placed in memory and then click a button.

Focus means directed attention and emphasis. It is a center of activity and a point of concentration. So when we focus on something to remember, there are no short cuts and no buttons to click.

The information we wish to place into memory requires and demands our full attention to make the transfer to our long-term memory for easy recall. As we focus on the material we want to remember we make a conscious effort to direct our attention to the primary data we want to recall later.

Concentration is actually the mechanics to direct attention to the primary items we choose to remember. It is also our key to lower distractions so that focus and concentration work smoothly and efficiently.

Hand in hand focus and concentration are the keys for excellent memory retention and recall.

Our next step is to choose items we want to place in memory but we don't want to make a large volume choice. Use smaller bits of information to place into memory, but use focus and concentration as you never used them before to remember something. Practice until placing items into storage becomes routine and easy to do.

While concentration reduces distractions as you are focusing, it will surprise you to see how well this tandem arrangement works in how to improve your memory, you can realize from the above, improving memory is not a haphazard type of function. All the information being received today to help improve memory is coming from the scientific community and their studies of memory.

This is a great confidence builder for people seeking to improve memory. In other words what you are advised to do to improve your memory are formulas tested on groups of people participating in memory programs at university level or groups in private memory clinics.

Move forward to improve your memory with the two key elements that have helped so many improve their memory.

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By Kenneth Janczak.

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Games to Improve Your Memory - 3 Memory Improving Games That Work Fast

You can play games to improve your memory which is one of the least stressful exercises you can do. Playing games is fun and since it gives us benefits such as improving our memory, there's no excuses not to do these exercises. Here are the games which you can play to help you get a better memory.

1. Doing Crossword Puzzles

Find some crossword puzzles which are challenging for you to do. Don't go for the ones that are too hard. Many people don't do the newspaper crosswords because they are de-motivated by how hard the puzzles are. You need to find puzzles which are not too hard but also not too easy.

When you play a crossword puzzle, you are exercising your brain. You're recalling information and facts from your past experience and knowledge. The more you exercise using your brain to recall facts, the more your memory will improve.

Your brain is like a muscle so you need to continuously exercise it so that it is strong and healthy. Many people have poor memories because they don't use their brain often.

2. Remembering Pictures

Get a magazine and look at the pictures or short paragraphs for about a minute. Then close the magazine and try to write out what you've just seen. For the picture, you can write down what items you just saw. For the paragraphs, just write down all the words which you can remember.

Don't get de-motivated when you do badly in this game. With practice you'll find that you'll get better and better at it. After a while, compare the results you initially had with your current progress. Your memory improvement results should give you a big confidence boost.

What you are doing is training your brain to remember facts in a short amount of time. Once your brain gets used to this process, it knows what is required and will try to do the task better every time. The brain is the most complex organ of the body and also the most powerful. It can learn to do tricks and improve itself without much effort. You just need to repeat the tasks you set out for it.

3. Reading IQ Books

Reading books on improving your IQ is essential if you want to improve your memory. The books have a lot of exercises in them and you need to do these exercises and take it as a game. There are lots more of these IQ questions or puzzles on the internet which you can read.

The games that you play in the IQ books are there to increase your IQ. But they also help you work out your brain which also increase your memory. The ability to remember and retrieve information is directly related to our brain. When we say, we want to improve our memory, what we are actually saying is we want to improve our brain.

The more games you play with your brain, the healthier it becomes since you are giving it exercise. Improving memory begins with the fundamentals first, which is looking after your brain. If you're serious about improving your memory, then you should read more on the subject of memory techniques.

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By Adrian Abel

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Discover Easy Tips To Improve Your Memory

Our brain is an impressive center of information with images, words and data that goes back a long way. It can within seconds retrieve information such as birthdays, images, names of people,addresses,directions plus much more. Unfortunately at times the information does not come to the surface and we need to train ourselves to access the information or use reminders to get to the correct info.

In this day and age many things come into effect when there are moments of not remembering certain things and can at times find ourselves aimlessly searching for items that are right in front of us, but we do not see nor acknowledge that it's there.

The good news is that we can actually, over a period of time, get our brain fit though certain exercises,repeated actions and games. What that means is that we literally overcome most challenges and improve our memory by leaps and bounds - a lot like when we go to the fitness club to get in shape physically.The start up is hard and overwhelming however we soon respond and enter into well-being and in shape.

By getting our memory into motion and doing certain daily exercises the brain will respond very favorable and your memory will improve as the days go by.

We all know that things that sit and do not get used will rust and cease to function. The same is true when it comes to our memory. It need to be used and kept in motion.

Years ago in grade 5 or 6 we use to do the multiplication tables and had to stand up in class and share them out loud. A couple of weeks into the lessons, our teacher requested we learn them backwards - well talk about brain exercise. However it got better as time went on and soon it was second nature to go either way.

In some cases people do tend to forget things and it seems to be an ongoing challenge to overcome as time moves forward. In those cases they may have to use techniques that will keep reminding them on what it is they forgot. One techniques is to make a list on a daily basis of things to do and it will be easier to remember when all you have to do is go over the list and be reminded - hence you're back on track and your brain will respond very favorable to being exposed to reminders this way.

Keep in mind you have the power to make the changes and improve your memory with taking action toady.

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By April Clayton

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A Breakthrough To Improve Your Memory Information

There are unique ways to improve your memory information and several different kinds of memory are stored in diverse parts of the individual mind. Inside mere seconds, the brain should be able to drag details like telephone figures or dates. But our minds do not often let us to retrieve the memories once we decide we need them. Occasionally it's trivial, like once we tear the house apart looking for the eyeglasses which have been perched on our heads. Occasionally these lapses in memory are much more severe like when we forget a coworker's spouse died and we ask how they are doing. It is times like these that is when we know we need to improve our memory.

Improve Your Memory For School

Thank goodness you do not need to stay with a memory which is performing badly like I once had. There are ways to improve your memory and how it is processed. It does not matter if you are in school studying for critical mid-terms or somebody who worries about forgetting a recent physician's appointment, there are a few items absolutely everyone can do to improve their memory.

You recall the old bit of tying a string tightly around your finger to keep something in mind anything, don't you? Whilst the action is humorous, the reasoning for it helps make sense. By placing anything in your atmosphere slightly askew, you can develop a visible reminder for yourself. The vital thing is taking the time to produce a robust visualization for why there is a string wrapped around your finger in the first place. Naturally you don't have to use a string. You can use anything that can improve your memory information of the event and help you remember what is needed.

You may possibly need to switch a ring, bracelet or any other kind of jewelry from one hands to the other. Or you can use an object in your environment. For example, you are traveling to your job and need to remember when you return from work the dry cleaning needs to be picked up. When you park you can you should then try inserting something on your dashboard preventing your view of the road. When you get back again in to the car and are staring at a odd object, you should remember the dry cleaning.

Improve Your Memory By Visualization and Association

Let us talk about ways to improve the performance of the mind and how the brain processes the data it receives. A simple way to boost your memory is to use visualization and association when trying to remember anything. This procedure needs to have you to turn words into photographs so that you remember the phrases better. For example, let's say which you want recall that you have a dentist appointment at four in the afternoon.

Take a moment and assume of a visual image for the number three. Believe it or not this will improve your memory on what to remember. Possibly it is the account of the "Three Stooges." Visualize the Three Stooges hanging out around in the physician's office studying magazines. At times, the more unique the picture, the less complicated it is to remember. So when you use your memory and think about your physicians appointment, you could instantly remember it is at three o'clock because of those humorous Three Stooges you are thinking of now.

These are simply some of the ways which you can improve your memory. If you put your tricks into action everyday, it will become second nature and you should begin to have an easier time remembering items you once had a hard time with. Your hard work to improve your memory becomes a reality and not a vague memory.

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By Samuel Glover 

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How Do You Improve Your Memory?

Let's recognize some fundamentals before going into analyzing how you improve your memory.
To improve something you must know the nature of the item you want to set about to improve. For example we have learned that playing mental games really helps improve memory but we must better understand why that is so.

The basic nature of the brain and memory is that mental exercise is required to remain sharp and alert. But we must also realize that when we add a passion or strong emotion to the game we are playing we obtain better results in improving our memory.

That's right by adding a strong positive emotion to the game we have increased our advantage in improving our recall over not having a strong emotion attached. So strong visualization while playing the game plus an attached strong emotion puts you ahead of the game(no pun intended). So get ready to greet a fantastic memory.

Here is something else to think about when we are musing about memory and brain and how to improve your memory.

To improve our lives to their fullest extent we have to rely on the knowledge we strive to learn on daily basis. Many of us have learned the tremendous capacity of the Net to gain an incredible amount of facts, data and other information.

But in order to utilize all that we are learning, we must understand better that there has to be some organization behind the sorting and storing of all this information. In other words we must find a way to have all this data on ready recall so that we don't waste minutes or hours trying to think of something.

You are facing a problem and you need answers, well you already know you have the answer to the problem but it's not coming to you fast enough. By understanding better that you must learn to store your info in a more organized way this situation will usually occur.

So by recognizing that your storage of data has to be improved, you know what you must work on to improve your memory. Memory is our ability to retain and preserve all the knowledge we have gained and has a lot to do with how we function on daily basis in obtaining an independent and successful life.

Someone once said that "Memories are prints of our lives which are too precious to be lost" so let us take care of them. We don't have to lose what is precious to us when simple exercises and good judgments is all it takes to preserve our good memories.

Also be mindful that memory is important for every age of life. A poor disorganized memory is not just the property of the elderly, there are other age groups that have the same problem, which means each of us has to think how do you improve your memory.

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By Kenneth Janczak

Roadmap To Genius

What Is the IQ and How You Can Improve It

During the human history, having increased intellectual capacity has been one of the features which distinguished between successful people and ordinary ones. Even nowadays, the intelligence is the one which makes the difference between people. You can probably guess, the intelligent persons have a bigger capacity for learning and observing things, which prompts them towards higher positions in the society and implicitly, better paid jobs. The amount of intelligence one possesses is measured through specific tests. Their results are oftener referred to by scientists as intelligence quotient.

The intelligence quotient, or IQ, is measured by using the formula 100 X (mental age/chronological age). Most people’s intelligence quotient is somewhere around 100, but there are also people who have lower IQ (especially those persons who have suffered some kind of traumas in their past or who suffer from a mental condition) or higher IQ (those people considered to be geniuses). In this latter category, important scientific people can be included, such as Albert Einstein, who had an IQ of 170 and Isaac Newton, whose IQ is said to be not less than 200.

It is necessary to mention that the value of your IQ is not something you are born with. Rather, your intelligence increases with time. Thus, the older you get, the more intelligent you become. Yet, in addition to age, the IQ is also directly proportional with the amount of time spent and effort made in order to train your brain. As you probably know, in order to be capable of learning more and have a higher IQ, you should train your brain continuously. Training means do a lot of reading and problem solving.

There are people claiming that you can only learn a specific amount of information and that if you try to overwork your brain, it will fail to accumulate any new information. This is a false assumption. Moreover, the more you train your brain, by reading, solving different problems and playing mind games, the more chances you have to rapidly and significantly increase your IQ.

In addition to that, there are other factors which can contribute to the continuous increase of IQ, such as food, physical movement and a healthy lifestyle.

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Roadmap To Genius